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About us

Welcome to the site which helps users share their documentation of abandoned sites, decaying structures, tunnels and skylines. Urban Exploration is an act of entering, experiencing and photographing abandoned buildings or areas. Those that are fenced off, otherwise inaccessible to the general public. Urban Explorers carry the motto 'take only pictures and leave only footprints'. Explorers don't break, steal or otherwise make the area more problematic for others who also want to experience these areas. Explorers often spend great deals of time and efforts researching an area to visit. How to enter without disturbing entry points is just one of the many principles to Urban Exploration. The sites aims are for users to document their visit via photography or video, give details about their experience and to talk about any interesting history of the site they have visited. Please bare in mind that sensitive sites will be placed in a safe area and in doing so will protect there identity. If you have any further questions about the site or Urban Exploration please feel free to message an administrator or moderator. Thanks for reading. 




Forum rules

The forum try's to keep our rules limited, but to maintain order there are a few rules to be aware of.

● Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed.

● Keep posts relevant. Your posts should relate to the subject dictated by the topic.

Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) posts, or the like.

● We also do not allow posts or links to sites that are sexual in nature or violate our community standards.

● While we are quite happy to have constructive comparative conversations about competitors, we will not tolerate competitor adverts or smearing.


Urban exploration rules

Urban exploration is a dangerous hobby, so we have compiled a list of rules you should consider whilst exploring.

● Never explore alone. Safety is paramount when exploring abandoned buildings as it can be a very dangerous activity, so always ensure you bring a friend along. This way if anything should happen to you, you have someone who can give you a hand or call the emergency services.

● Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints. The golden rule of urbex is to leave the property exactly the way you found it when you arrived. Remember that we are explorers, not vandals.

● Never break anything in order to enter. Remember this: if you cannot find an easy entrance point to the premises - do not enter! Never force your way into a building - only use preexisting entrances.

● Have fun but be safe. 



Follow the links bellow on how to keep safe whilst urban exploring and the different dangers of abandonment...

Click the words in bold to find our more info...


**Use common sense when traversing disused areas (watch out for loose floors etc...)


This can be found in abandonment, we suggest the best protection against it is to ware a mask, and to try and keep away from it at all costs.

Black Mold

This can be found in abandonment, we suggest the best protection against it is to ware a mask, and to try and keep away from it at all costs.

Vermin Droppings

This can be found in abandonment, we suggest the best protection against it is to ware a mask, and to try and keep away from it at all costs.

Weil's Disease

Drains & underground syemstems (where water is) will mostly likely carry weil's disease.

HIV and Hepatitis Risk

Needles in disused buildings may carry HIV or Hepatitis... do not pick them up and be careful not to tread on them.


Although not a safety aspect, you have to consider this when urban exploring... There are a number of elements of the law relating to exploring abandoned and derelict buildings and its impossible to pin-point if its completely illegal or not, depending on where you trespass etc... this is the UK law and your country may have different laws depending on your location, we suggest you check before participating in the hobby.



The information provided is with no guarantee or accuracy and therefore does not represent a legal / medical opinion. For further advice or information please consult a professional.